Acute Radiation Syndrome

Advancing civilian and military medical response to nuclear/radiological event

The potential widespread health consequences of a nuclear or radiological event have led various United States agencies, including the Department of Defense, to seek viable medical countermeasures. The anti-inflammatory properties and tissue regeneration capabilities of adult stem cells may allow effective treatment of the multi-component syndromes caused by high levels of radiation exposure. Osiris is working to develop an effective countermeasure; this adult stem cell therapy offers several properties that make it uniquely suited to address the risk scenario.

Advanced Development - The Osiris product being developed under this collaboration, Prochymal, is currently in FDA Phase III clinical trials for two diseases with clinical manifestations similar to acute radiation syndrome (ARS). These indications have been granted Fast Track status by the FDA.

Broad Treatment Window—Prochymal therapy could be administered post exposure or at the onset of symptoms, eliminating the need for a predefined treatment.

Mass Production—Osiris' stem cells are derived from human bone marrow from healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 30 years. The ethical, health and practical concerns that hamper the development of other stem cell products are avoided. The long-term storage capability of Prochymal makes stockpiling for a mass-health event feasible.


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