Cartilage repair promoted by MSCs on a gelatin matrix. Top: Cell-loaded implant. Bottom: Cell-free implant.


Osiris harnesses the ability of cells and novel constructs to promote the body's natural healing. The goals are to improve surgical outcomes and offer better treatment options for patients and physicians. We like a challenge, so the focus is in areas where we believe we can have a significant impact. Difficult indications and challenging cases are targeted.

Osiris has been studying tissue engineering since the beginning, and its dedicated team conducted groundbreaking research in the field. The work in bone led to the development of the successful product Osteocel, now owned by NuVasive Inc. Application of these technologies is currently being expanded beyond bone, to soft tissues, such as cartilage and tendon, and also wound healing.

Cells can be visualized and evaluated on scaffolds, whether rigid, bony matrices or flowable gels. Scanning electron micrographs and fluorescent images among techniques available.

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