Leading the way to a better tomorrow

Through over 20 years of research, experience and understanding, Osiris Therapeutics has led the way in mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) science and the clinical application of cellular therapies. From commercializing its first generation implantable product, Osteocel, to achieving the company’s initial goal, when founded in 1992, of developing the world’s first approved stem cell drug, remestemcel-L for graft versus host disease, Osiris has written the book on regenerative medicine.

Today, as the leading stem cell company, Osiris continues to address unmet medical needs with innovative approaches in developing and marketing products in wound care, orthopedics, and sports medicine. Never forgetting that our products are differentiated by scientific excellence, Osiris’ current product line includes Grafix® for acute and chronic wounds, Cartiform®, a viable cartilage mesh for cartilage repair, and OvationOS®, a viable bone matrix used for bone repair and regeneration.

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